by Stargazer

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"Universal" is an electric space opera that tells an existential story about our own humanity through the use of phat harmonies, rhythmic grooves, virtuosic synthesizer solos, and new vocal processing techniques. While each chapter of this story brings you to a new world, the themes expressed within the text bring you back to ours.


released December 15, 2015

Jared Keffer - Composition, Sound Design, Production, Libretto, Vocals
Karla Jones - Album Cover Art
Alex Garza - Singularity Vocals



all rights reserved


Stargazer Stockton, California

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Track Name: Why
Reach for the stars another day
when we want the future to
show us where we want to be

Build yourself a world you love
We don’t need the answers
yet as we are drifting aimlessly
Without a reason

Why x8

Without a reason
Reach for the stars another day
when we want the future to
show us where we want to be

Build yourself a world you love
We don’t need the answers
We are drifting aimlessly
Track Name: Contact
There’s been a communications breakthrough
First Contact
Track Name: Desire
Reaching for the stars
is not so hard
when all you are is hungry
for adventure and the idea
that we're not the only ones out there
The sky caught our imagination
what is out there now?
Waiting for us, yes
It's so easy to lose sight of all your dreams.
Stars keep burning as our conflicts grows
our yearning for the power
Can't you see that every loss
is another star that fades away
The world is here for all of us to share
We don't care why
I wonder why we are
blind to all of the ruin that we leave
A universal law states that
we will untimely fall to chaos
Why can't we all lower our arms
and say hey!
We can build a better a world
from all desire born from greed
we don't need all the answers
yet as we burn our bridges that
lead us all to the stars
At last the fog of war
is fading from our minds
memories of a time
that was once real
Our world was scorched
by war machines, oh
can we make it right?
We fight on
Someone gets the last laugh
Who can stand up for what they believe
Just leave us, we can't control ourselves
Why, why did it have to end like this.
Track Name: Progress Machine
We were a happy people
a relic among the stars
Our world had music, art, and prosperous life
and we watched as it all crumbled before us
there was a choice to make
but we closed our eyes; it's a dream
There's no way we could stop our progress machine
Can you feel the storm is coming?
Are you ready?
Oh no
This is real
Slowly the planet's dying
Hurricanes breach our cities
Water keeps flooding in
One by one we keep on fading from the future
as the waves keep crashing
wiping all traces of us from our minds
Some survived
but did they?
We lost a world full of life, love,
and everything we needed to make things right once
More is really less
when you can't figure out
what is the most important part of being free thinking?
We must get out
There is no hope for us now
This world is heating up
Just sit tight while we burn
Our time is running out
As the rivers run dry
How could we have saved the world?
I guess we deserve this fate now
Oh no
This is real
Now that the planet's dying
My one last wish is simple
Find us
Know that we were
Can you hear us?
If you can, there's nothing left now
Just a world that could not save itself
Lost to the sands of time.
Track Name: Singularity
We've done all we can
as the stars around us bend and fade away
And the people, oh they know
Of the gravity that moves
All our hopes, all our dreams far away
Our sky gets colder as we grow older
but life keeps moving on.
Watching, waiting for time to stand still
Wondering if there's another way.
And the world did stand still
waiting for the end of time
All our petty conflicts faded away
Now that now is never
No one will know of our lives
It took the end to make us realize what really matters
In a moment time will stop
Track Name: Aftermath
Clear your mind
Close your eyes
Close your
It’s better not to know
What you lost
When you try
to make your life mean more
more is less
When it’s gone
You’ll see you don’t need

Love, it clouds your mind
Leading you to ruin
as every other light
faded away
Your world, beautiful
Shame we have to rid you of your desire

Who, who are we?
We are aftermath of worlds that could not be
And we are here
Track Name: Arrival
How are you here
When all other worlds had fallen
by their own hand
yet you still survive

My world, what could it mean to you?
What drew you to our troubled land?
You’re not here to save me I’m sure

Gone are the flaws that would lead us all to ruin
You care not for our vanity
can’t you see we’re already doomed
As they break through our defense
it is clear our way of life is done
Track Name: New World Order
Let go of all of the woes
that keep you down on the ground now and
realize our story had to end
but another carries on

Let’s, let’s be the ones who will
take to the stars and build new world order
Dreams are made of sweet memories
that fade every day

A scale much too grand
What do we dream of
When there’s nothing to say
as we iron out our lives

We have become what we
fought to destroy
There is nothing left to create
but order for all

First Contact